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    Thursday, September 29, 2005

    PC Zone transformation into PC Gamer complete

    As the RAM Raider predicted, PC Zone has become PC Gamer. Months of sneering at PC Gamer’s irrelevant Extra Life section has given way to the birth of PC Zone’s Freeplay, which is an exact copy. You might almost think they’re being written by the same people.

    The RAM Raider knows this isn’t true, but it might be happening sooner than you think. Recent ABC figures have shown massive drops in circulations that Future suits have desperately tried to justify with the excuse that summer has unexpectedly happened. Losing nearly ten thousand readers each, Future knows that the only way forward is to merge them.

    We’re going to get a book running on who’s going to lose their jobs, and even worse, who’s going to be pushed off to the editorial Siberia that is the pathetic website. Place your bets.

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    1. Tim_PCG4:56 pm

      You're such a meanie.